From Series Where Homes Come from - Suburban Growth Forecast pigment ink on canvas 2013
From Series Where Homes Come from - Suburban Growth Forecast pigment ink on canvas 2013
"There are powerful emotional charges, expectations and dreams attached to all the stages of building a house and to these homes-to-be – these are the themes that I am trying to observe and visually weave together."
Some kinds of house drawings
Pirkko Rantatorikka has become known as an artist who ponders and examines her environment and its phenomena precisely, analytically, even critically. The changing structures of our social living interest her as a visual artist and have often given the subject for thematic approaches.
In her series of works to be shown at EMMA, Where houses come from, (with the working title Some kinds of house drawings) she is commenting on town planning. She does this by combining and juxtaposing a new neighbourhood in formation and visual elements that expand on and comment on this process of urbanisation. The slow stratification of the works can also be found in the artist’s painting technique. She uses pigment inks to draw with a brush slowly rippling surfaces made up of coloured lines to attain a matt colour effect reminiscent of egg tempera.
The tangible starting point for this series of works was the new neighbourhood built on the cliffs and forest clearings of Myllypuro, which continues the new Finnish tradition of wooden towns already familiar to Rantatorikka. The first series of photographs that comments on this upcoming building process was completed by Rantatorikka in 2003–2004. She decided to return to the “site” when construction of the new neighbourhood started in 2010.
She has been collecting graphic material straight from the area for years – at all times of day and at all times of the year – which grew to have a significant role in the creation of her series of works. The material incorporated into the paintings is based on elements of nature, art and the built environment, such as the town plans of historic towns, old maps, botanical illustrations, as well as artistic interpretations from different ages.
The private experience of the artist becomes, through the creation process, a public one that can be shared. The subject of the series is not so much the new residential area in East Helsinki as generally the relationship between human beings and the environment they live in.
Pirkko Rantatorikka (b.1956) is a visual artist from Ylitornio who works in Helsinki. She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1982. Rantatorikka has held many solo exhibitions of her work in domestic and international galleries and museums. She has also taken part in group exhibitions around Finland and in international exhibitions in Denmark, France and Germany. Her works can be found in the collections of several museums.